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Proximity Reader Device


3X Logic Wiegand Keypad
Uniview Cameras

Overiview & Key Features


The 3xLOGIC Access Control Readers and Door Accessories are a robust, affordable, and outdoor friendly line of devices capable to meet the need of any and all locations. The reader was designed for sleek and attractive aesthetic and its moulded aluminum body makes them desirable for securing any doors or gates. This elegant family of products with a slim and compact design supports a new and innovative door status visibility while ensuring that the environment is safe for all employees, customers, and guests.

The 3xLOGIC R-MPW-CHAR-AH proximity reader is a small form factor device, charcoal in color, offering a unique and attractive appearance. The sleek device is suitable for any environment, indoor or outdoor. Equipped with a polycarbonate front plate, it is stylish, slim, and compact in design. The R-MPW-CHAR-AH is compatible with most access control systems that support Wiegand format. 

Benefits & Features: 

  • Essential in areas where aesthetics are key. 

  • Ensures a safe environment for your employees, customers, and partners. 

  • Ideal for any location! 

  • Use to secure your facility with card access, and eliminate the need for building key. 

  • Metal tamper proof housing provides extra protection when used in outdoor applications. 

  • Provides audible feedback and configurable (On/Off) visual card swipe feedback. 

  • Compatible with most access control systems. 

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