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  • Model:  16CH Penta-brid 1080P Mini 1U

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Features at a Glance


Ideal Installs

  • Ideal for installing in small offices, homes, and shops.

Features At A Glance

  • Smart H.265+ Smart Codec, H.265+ can reduce up to 90% bit rate and storage requirements compared with H.264 without having to invest in new cameras.

  • HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS Auto-detect The PVR can auto recognize the signal of front-camera without any setting. It makes operation more friendly and convenient.

  • High Definition Camera Input The PVR supports up to 5MP HDCVI camera and 6MP IP camera input.

  • Coaxial Audio/Upgrade/Alarm The integrated design can reduce wiring troubles which makes it much more cost-effective and convenient for installation.

  • Long Distance Transmission The HDCVI system supports long distance transmission over coaxial cable and UTP, max. 700m for 4K/4MP, 800m for 1080P and 1200m for 720P.

  • Smart Fan Design The smart fan can automatically turn on or turn off according to the CPU temperature. This function can effectively reduce the fan noise to provide a better user experience.

Warranty Information

  • This recorder has a 3 year warranty



Datasheet of PVR04H1-X

Network Video Recorders Quick Guide Version: V1.04

Network Video Recorders User Manual Manual Version: V1.13

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